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Doros's approach to video is one of “gun and run” style. “Gun and run” is term used for a professional video production undertaken by a lone shooter or small crew. This kind of production is perfect for clients who have only a rough idea of what they want to produce without spending lots of money.


The key is to listen to the client carefully and be able to formulate a shooting plan on the spot. The production consists of a very small crew and often it is a crew of one. This method requires someone with a good knowledge of cinema who is capable of thinking on his or her feet. 


Our technique is to grab as many angles as possible; shoot wide shots, medium shots, close ups and cut-always ultimately formulating one coherent piece during the editing phase of the production.

  All the movies made for the Morgan’s Hotel Group were produced in this fashion. Once at the location, I will have a brief discussion regarding the movie and then begin shooting. The key is to take as many shots as possible thereby giving the Editor as many options as possible.

  Although the Edge Communications movies are primarily client testimonials the production approach was similar as the Morgan’s Hotel Group videos. However in order not to disturb the guests’ privacy, we had to hire actors to populate the hotel. Edge being a communications company we had to arm all the actors with electronic devices.

At the event a more complicated production is required I tap into my association with the “Eyeimagine” productions. They are very well equipped and can provide producers, cameramen, crew, copy writers etc. To view samples of their work go to

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